Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Final Portfolio

Example of Best Thumbnail Color Comps:  

 My best thumbnails were the Jeep poster thumbnails. I had the best selection of possible compositions to choose from, and whichever one the client chose, I made sure I wouldn't hate any of the compositions I had created. I made sure the concept was almost overly simple because my eye tends to go to the image that stands out and the most simple placement of text. I think the majority of these thumbnails accomplish that goal. I also chose not to u
se any other color besides that of the Jeep just so the image could stand out more on a white background. This thumbnail process was the most successful in helping me visualize what the final composition would look like. 

Example of Best Marker Comp:

My best marker comp was the Jeep poster marker comp. It was the marker comp most closely resembling the fina
l production and it was the tightest, most efficient comp compared to the rest. I did have a bit of trouble rendering the text, and the placement of the Jeep was a tad different on the final production, but those were the two minor differences. This comp took me an extremely long time to render, even though it was only half the size of the final. I believe because I took the time to comp the poster correctly, creating the final poster was that much easier. 

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