Friday, April 24, 2009

Final Fishing Mag Spread

I am happy about how my final magazine spread turned out. It is really simple, which is important in conveying my personal design style, and uses a quality photo well. I did have to make some changes to the copy because one I had the text into place, I realized there were way too many separate paragraphs and it looked really broken up. I took the liberty in reading the text to see where I could attach certain paragraphs so the story would still flow while maintaining aesthetic coherence. Otherwise, the copyfitting was almost dead on, minus a couple really minor measurement mistakes. It was a challenge trying to make the text show up on the photo. I first wanted the text body to be reversed (white) but that would risk mistakes in the registration process when printing the final production. So I altered the image in PS and I believe the solution works well. This was a good learning process and I believe the final production shows strong points in my style and way of working with the programs. I also like working with magazines a lot more than pamphlets, and I think that is also apparent.  

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