Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Final Jeep Poster

Making the final poster was a lot easier than coming up with the concept and creating the marker comp. I had all the information ready and all I had to do was enter it in to the computer. I did have trouble inserting the Jeep into the final poster. As a result, I learned how to save the Jeep graphic as an EPS file while still in Illustrator, then export it into my InDesign document. This way it is still in vector form, it is a better quality image because it is not in bitmap form, and it can be resized easily without loosing quality. This is a really helpful tool to know for future reference when inserting graphics from Illustrator into InDesign. As far as the effectiveness of the final poster, I think I could have been a bit more creative with the use of the four colors available. I do like how I kept it simple overall, though. I believe it conveys the message effectively. If I had more time, I would have gone into AI and added mud to the graphic to further add to the mood of the event being advertised. 

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