Friday, April 3, 2009

Jeep Poster Marker Comp

This marker comp was a bit faster in the sense it's not a full size comp, though it was just as frustrating, but for a whole new set of reasons. Adding color was a challenge because I was only able to choose 4 colors to apply to the Jeep illustration. This will be a challenge to translate these colors into the final poster because I may have to delete some color from the original Jeep. I also had a fight with the pen I chose to use to write the informational font. It smeared very easily and took a while to dry. That was my stupid mistake, and it added time to the project because the ink had to dry. It also ruined the final comp when I went to put it onto the foam board. I smudged the text when I pressed down on it, which was very frustrating. 
The process is becoming a lot more clear as far as what I have to get accomplished before moving to the final comp on the computer. The original thumbnail that my "client" chose from had BlairMD font, but in my notes I specified that I would prefer to work with the font until I found a more suitable one for the particular event. I chose Cracked font and my client approved it. I also had to choose the informational text font and it had to be simple and easy to read so I chose Helvetica. When translating this design onto the computer, I have to use a grid, most likely a 7 column, I have to fix the text and header orientation and I also have to resize the Jeep. 

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