Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Example of Best Creative Concept:

My best creative concept is my fishing magazine spread. My style thus far is very simple, but still appealing for that reason. In this project, I took an image and altered it in PS. I worked with the text and balanced it between the two pages, but it is not symmetrical. I wanted the photo to have the most visual weight because of the rich colors and imagery pertaining to the text. The headline is flushed left and reversed to white, which really stands out against the image. The font of the header is also an interesting font that contributes to the mood of the content in the text. I reworked the original header font because it wasn't cerned very well and I think it turned out much more appealing. And my favorite part about the design is the fade I created in PS specifically so I could use black type, which served its purpose nicely, but also gives the illusion of fog. I think this unintentional addition is successful in providing to the outdoorsy mood of the spread. 

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