Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rev 3 Red Barn

I'm still having issues with the cohesiveness between all the Red Barn pieces. I'd like to really nail down the images and theme before it's due on Friday. I'd also still need to fix the resolution in the images I'm going to use and fix the files because some have missing links, etc. If I could make the reds in each part of the project match, then I think that would also help the cohesiveness. I have a whole lot to do this week and no time to get it done. I may need a miracle.

Final Society of Illustrators

My final SofI came out pretty well. The things I could have further developed are the text and the layout lacks a solid structure. Otherwise, I believe this is one of my stronger works. I finally found really good printing paper, which makes all the difference. The printout was definitely my best and most presentable yet. I believe I also nailed all the specs down, which also helped contribute to a solid final printout. It definitely took plenty of time to put this one together, but I was very meticulous about both the printing and the construction. I triple checked all the file info before printing to ensure I only had to print once, and I focused very hard when I had to put the printout together. It took a whole semester, but I think I actually got the hang of this printing thing.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Red Barn Rev 2

This rev of the Red Barn is a lot better than my first. I resolved the minor layout issues of the first and made some changes to the text and imagery to make it more interesting. I still have a lot to do to finalize the project. I need to work on and perfect the resolution in all the images and make sure they work well with the text, I have to fix the layout of the brochure and work with the text, and work with the gradient on each layout to make sure it doesn't overpower the text or images in the layout. Overall, I just need to tweak some small, yet important things in each layout before I print out the final.

Society of Illustrators Rev 1

There are plenty of things wrong with this layout currently. I still have a lot of work to do in arranging the text to fit the proper layout, which I neglected to incorporate in this layout because it is extremely small (not on purpose). I will resize the document and make the required six boxes for text, etc. I will also get rid of that nasty bunny that really has nothing to do with the poster image. To go with that, I still need a concept. The imagery I will choose for the pamphlet will reflect the concept (of course). This will be a lot better after I work on it some (or rather a lot) more.