Friday, May 28, 2010

May 28th: Day #6

Hours: 10-4

Today was pretty laid back again. I finished my final comps of the Leahy mascot and learned some interesting photoshop tricks from my supervisor that included flesh wounds and skin discoloration...yes. I learned how to zombify people in photoshop. It was really helpful because I learned the basics of the masking tool and how to throw a bunch of seemingly random images together to make something coherent and visually interesting. I also learned another form of illustration created in photoshop, which I had never known was even possible of which involves the paint tool and the blur tool. Otherwise, it was fun to get a feel for what Fridays are like in the working world. While there was still work to do, everyone seemed to be winding down from a long week, which I can appreciate.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

May 27th: Day #5

Hours: 10-5

Today was pretty laid back. I did more sketches for the Leahy Dude, except we narrowed the many options down to just 6. I made a final sketch of each, then traced each one onto tracing paper to fill in with color. I'm not quite finished with them all yet, but they're coming along. They need to be finished by tomorrow so Bill, the prez, can present them to some Leahy reps on Tuesday. It's pretty exciting that my designs may actually be chosen to be turned into a hunk of shiny promotional plastic. That may sound sarcastic (which I'm really good at being) but this has been a really interesting project so far that has challenged my 3D designing skills that I haven't used since freshman year with Professors Pauls and Kambli. I'm really interested to see if my design literally comes to life.

Aside from more sketches, I was also given the task of designing a flow chart to go into a corporate brochure design. It was assigned at 2:00 and had to be completed by 3:00. It seemed like the time ran out very quickly, and was good multitasking practice. Thankfully, I pulled it together in time for the designer to use the design.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May 26th: Day #4

Hours: 10am-5pm

I didn't go in my normal hours (Tuesday-Thursday) this week because my sister had a regional soccer game yesterday (Tuesday) and I was able to switch to Friday. (FYI)

Today was a very sketchy day...literally. I really didn't do much else besides work on a ton of sketches for the desk tchotchke, which has now become a full on mascot logo for the company. It will be very useful for the company (the company's name is Leahy and they distribute fruit based foods and drinks throughout the country, and their current logo is an orange, which is what the mascot is being based on) if I am able to come up with a mascot that will almost be like another logo in a way. So I brainstormed as many options as I could as far as characters, faces, arms and legs on oranges, etc. I am estimating that I did over 50 sketches, but I am pretty confident that 50 is nowhere near the amount that would need to be done in the typical work day for a professional on a deadline. It was good to learn the importance of thumbnails and putting my perfectionism off to the side until I have come up with an abundance of images and concepts to work with. This little "Leahy Dude," as we've been calling it, needs to be ready to present on Friday so I've got my work cut our for me tomorrow...

Friday, May 21, 2010

Day #3 (Thursday May 20th)

Hours: 10am-5pm

Today was another day of making sure things get completed properly and on time. I am still working on the desk tchotchke project and had a conference call with a promotional item production specialist to see what specific things we can do with different plastic molds and plush toys. I now have to go over all the different options this weekend and see what I can design (3-dimensionally) that will fulfill the company's wants.

I also spent most of the day drawing out some sketches I created in Illustrator to send to the production specialist for a better visualization of what we were thinking in terms of the toy and other functional desk tchotchkes that could be handed out by the company's employees to their clients. I used some gradient mesh, which I didn't think I would really need again after the viscom I picture project. But it was a really good experience to try and figure out the best way we could design this desk tchotchke while making the dimensions cost effective. It's definitely still a work in progress, especially for me since this business related design puts more restrictions on where I could go due to the need for cost effectiveness.

Some other things I learned was about the font organizing software program called Suitcase, which I may be working with in the near future when I will have to sort out and organize TE&A's 30,000 fonts. And I was also introduced to some really impressive hand made, die cut 3D pop-ups manufactured by the president of TE&A's grandfather in the 70s. It was pretty amazing to go through some of the intricate pop-ups that were actually printed and put together for advertising design. I learned that this is something that isn;t typically done anymore because it takes a lot of time and money to print and assemble crafts such as those. Either way, I was really impressed and may try to make some of my own.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day #2

Hours: 10am-5:15pm

Today was fast and furious for sure. Right away I was asked to cut out and fold around 500 place holders for a company event. I'm going to be a wiz kid with the xacto knife after this summer. When I was finished with those, I continued working on the ongoing packaging project I'm working on. I forgot to state what it is exactly in my last post. My final viscom I project involved promoting myself with a mini portfolio of sorts. I did an interesting envelope-like packaging design that held five cards with photos and descriptions of five works, along with a snippet of resume info on each. When I went in for my second interview to present the work I did both at school and the extra assignment TE&A assigned me, they were very thrilled with my work, that one in particular. They were so thrilled, they were inspired and assigned me to make them each a bunch to present their work and the company's work as a "leave-behind" for their clients. So now I am working hours, making measurements, re-mocking and trying to get the altered package design for their mini portfolios just right.

I am also still working on a desk tchotchke for one of their clients with another research intern. I will have to do some sketches tonight to present them in the morning to my research buddy. Then we'll make some final decisions about what the most efficient, cost effective hunk of plastic we can possibly find will be, and finally present our proposal to the president of the company. Yay desk tchotchkes!!! (I really like saying that word)

Monday, May 17, 2010

First day at TE&A

Hours: 9am-5:30pm

Today was pretty laid back, but still very busy. I was thrown into making mock-ups of a package design to promote the company, which took up most of my day. But the reason my supervisor wanted me to come in today was because there was a staff meeting and he wanted me to get a feel for the way the associates interact and the kind of companies and projects they take on. It was a very enlightening first day and I feel like I got a good feel for what life is like in the working world via advertising agency.

Besides the meeting and mass amounts of mock-ups, I also got the chance to work with another research intern on a project that involves designing a desk tchotchke to promote a food company. I beginning to understand that making things as cost effective and waste-free as possible benefits the company and the client even more. It's something I will definitely need to work on seeing as I created a huge pile of excess paper waste making all the mock-ups I did today. Overall, I think this will be a really beneficial, challenging and fun internship.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Trungale Egan & Associates Internship Blog

So I begin my internship tomorrow morning at 9am. I'm pretty excited to get right into it. But I'm also pretty nervous to learn the ropes and learn them fast so I don't get inundated with work right away. I'll be back tomorrow night with more...