Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May 26th: Day #4

Hours: 10am-5pm

I didn't go in my normal hours (Tuesday-Thursday) this week because my sister had a regional soccer game yesterday (Tuesday) and I was able to switch to Friday. (FYI)

Today was a very sketchy day...literally. I really didn't do much else besides work on a ton of sketches for the desk tchotchke, which has now become a full on mascot logo for the company. It will be very useful for the company (the company's name is Leahy and they distribute fruit based foods and drinks throughout the country, and their current logo is an orange, which is what the mascot is being based on) if I am able to come up with a mascot that will almost be like another logo in a way. So I brainstormed as many options as I could as far as characters, faces, arms and legs on oranges, etc. I am estimating that I did over 50 sketches, but I am pretty confident that 50 is nowhere near the amount that would need to be done in the typical work day for a professional on a deadline. It was good to learn the importance of thumbnails and putting my perfectionism off to the side until I have come up with an abundance of images and concepts to work with. This little "Leahy Dude," as we've been calling it, needs to be ready to present on Friday so I've got my work cut our for me tomorrow...

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