Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day #2

Hours: 10am-5:15pm

Today was fast and furious for sure. Right away I was asked to cut out and fold around 500 place holders for a company event. I'm going to be a wiz kid with the xacto knife after this summer. When I was finished with those, I continued working on the ongoing packaging project I'm working on. I forgot to state what it is exactly in my last post. My final viscom I project involved promoting myself with a mini portfolio of sorts. I did an interesting envelope-like packaging design that held five cards with photos and descriptions of five works, along with a snippet of resume info on each. When I went in for my second interview to present the work I did both at school and the extra assignment TE&A assigned me, they were very thrilled with my work, that one in particular. They were so thrilled, they were inspired and assigned me to make them each a bunch to present their work and the company's work as a "leave-behind" for their clients. So now I am working hours, making measurements, re-mocking and trying to get the altered package design for their mini portfolios just right.

I am also still working on a desk tchotchke for one of their clients with another research intern. I will have to do some sketches tonight to present them in the morning to my research buddy. Then we'll make some final decisions about what the most efficient, cost effective hunk of plastic we can possibly find will be, and finally present our proposal to the president of the company. Yay desk tchotchkes!!! (I really like saying that word)

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