Monday, August 2, 2010

Final Week: Monday-Thursday July 26th-29th

Total Week Hours: 29

Last week was my final week with Trungale Egan & Associates. Because it snuck up on all of us, I had the largest amount of work in the smallest time frame I've ever had.

Monday I came in early to work on the Pittsfield Cafe menus and menu signs. There were a total of 8 different InDesign documents/pieces to this promotion and I had to make sure I had each of them to the furthest point of completion by the time Thursday rolled around. I ended up accomplishing that with the designs of each of the pieces, but was not able to finish working with the menu copy because the client was not able to get the final copy to us until Wednesday. But all in all, I believe I did solid work for the Pittsfield Cafe to a point where my supervisors at Trungale Egan should't have many to no design issues to work with. This was a challenging project that made me aware of the many details both in design and copy that need to be meticulously mapped out before completion can be reached.

I also had a meeting with The Little Dab of Paint client on Wednesday, who proceeded to make a ton of changes to the spreads and copy. This was disheartening at first, but after I sat down and organized everything that needed to be finished by the time I left on Thursday, it seemed more manageable. While I wasn't able to see the completion of The Little Dab of Paint, I also believe I helped make the rest of the process go by easier and faster for my supervisors that are taking the project over. It was a really great project for working with both illustrations and copy in a way that could be easily read and comprehended by children. It changed my perspective many times, which really helped me develop a wider understanding of print media.

I was able to finish the website I landed almost a month ago. I had to make some changes to each page and add a new page. The site was basically finished when I sent my supervisor the fixed files, but the client seemed to change his mind often, so there may need to be a couple more minor changes made. But otherwise, I was able to see the completion of one of my contributions, which was really exciting for me!

And lastly, I was able to see the prototype for the Leahy figurine I designed, which will be sent to me once they are being produced and distributed, which is also really exciting!

Overall, it was an extremely rewarding, challenging and fun internship! I believe I was able to really help Trungale Egan with a lot of their live projects, while gaining really great experience. Like Tom Egan (an associate) said to me on the first day of my internship, "Deadlines are sacred," which I was able to discover first hand and is something I am forever grateful for having the opportunity to do.