Thursday, May 27, 2010

May 27th: Day #5

Hours: 10-5

Today was pretty laid back. I did more sketches for the Leahy Dude, except we narrowed the many options down to just 6. I made a final sketch of each, then traced each one onto tracing paper to fill in with color. I'm not quite finished with them all yet, but they're coming along. They need to be finished by tomorrow so Bill, the prez, can present them to some Leahy reps on Tuesday. It's pretty exciting that my designs may actually be chosen to be turned into a hunk of shiny promotional plastic. That may sound sarcastic (which I'm really good at being) but this has been a really interesting project so far that has challenged my 3D designing skills that I haven't used since freshman year with Professors Pauls and Kambli. I'm really interested to see if my design literally comes to life.

Aside from more sketches, I was also given the task of designing a flow chart to go into a corporate brochure design. It was assigned at 2:00 and had to be completed by 3:00. It seemed like the time ran out very quickly, and was good multitasking practice. Thankfully, I pulled it together in time for the designer to use the design.

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