Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Example that Demonstrates Proficiency in Illustrator:

The Jeep I created in Illustrator is my strongest example of proficiency using Illustrator. This was a large challenge for me because I had never used Illustrator tools in depth like I did while creating the Jeep. It was an interesting challenge because I solved all the issues I had by myself for the most part. I had trouble getting the windows to look like windows and I figured out how to use layers to solve that problem. This project is definitely a great example of how I had to use the little time I had to make this project wisely and efficiently to meet the deadline. And using the pen tool to trace the entire image was very daunting at first, but as soon as I became used to it, I got on a roll and was able to complete the illustration on time. Again, this was very challenging, but I felt like I accomplished a lot because it turned out looking as I wanted it to, and on time. 

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