Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Example of Best Traditional Copyfitting:

My fishing magazine spread marker comp is the best example of traditional copyfitting. I successfully completed the copyfitting process correctly, and it was almost dead on. I did adjust the paragraphs in the final production because there were too many of them and it did not look very professional. I read the text and fit the paragraphs that were most coherent together to make the text flow better. The actual copyfitting process was much more efficient after having already completed one other before. I actually knew what I was doing compared to the first time on the Marceline pamphlet when I was a lot less efficient and organized. The copyfitting process is actually very helpful if done correctly, but is very time consuming. This was a good learning experience and I will not take the computer's built in copyfitting capabilities for granted after having to go through this process by hand.  

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