Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Project #1 Viscom II: Flyer Reworks

I had a significant amount of difficulty with these, as you can already see just by looking at them. It was a good way to dust off the cob webs and get my mind thinking compositionally again. My first mistake was the fact I didn't use a grid system. The "Submit your art" flyer looks as though it could have one, but it's very basic and doesn't have a solid balance. The "Greek" flyer is way more mamby-pamby and has very poor balance. You can tell I was getting tired and over thinking things by this point in the process. 
On top of layout issues, I had resolution problems with
 the images I COB'ed. They looked fine in PS and even decent in ID, but as soon as I turned them into pdfs and printed them, I knew I didn't set the resolution high enough. 
The "Greek" flyer is also having bleed issues in that the curtains on the upper left hand corner are over a centimeter away from the edge of the paper making it look quite horrid. 
In my future reworks, besides being careful not to do everything bad that I already did on these, I plan on simplifying because each of these looks a bit cluttered and the use of negative space isn't all that great. I also want to use my typography skills a bit more, 
which will help in the simplification process. Overall, I need to design better. The end. 

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