Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Initial Mag Layout: Stressed Out!

This initial mag layout is pretty bland overall. I need to work on the concept and add more eye catching interest into the design. I think adding more color and a better image are the first steps to improving this layout. I also need to use a bleed, which I forgot to incorporate in this one. It took me about two hours to put this spread together and I think the only good thing I accomplished is the almost spot on typesetting. I do also need to fix the pull-quote and make the page numbers and headers more interesting and accessible. I've got work to do on this one.

1 comment:

  1. The text looks too scary. It is not very inviting to read. Do something. The image could work but needs something... Try making it about 20% larger so the right elbow jumps the gutter and intrudes into the column of text. Do a run around the elbow. The left elbow - bleed off the page. Up size the headline some more and let the guys head slightly overlap the headline. (this is just to have some layering effects and to the various elements interact a bit. I don't care for the subhead wrapping to the arms. Do something different. The pull quote needs more visual impact on the right page.