Friday, September 4, 2009

These two works were significantly more successful than the previous four. I simplified a ton to come up with the ideas behind these. The Rock Climbing poster has a much more presentable look, though it is almost too simple to the point of it being boring. I think I'll go in and add a new element to it to balance out some of the negative space. One thing that I do think I could have done better is to choose a more fitting font. The mood that this poster gives is a bit too formal for a rugged outdoor activity and I could have had a bit more fun with it. 
The Salsa Club poster is more successful than the Rock Climbing one in that it incorporates a decent image with a watercolor filter that brings some movement and life to it. I also believe the way the typography and photo interact makes the composition more interesting. And I was very proud when this poster got chosen as one that could be considered to be taken further by the "client". Exciting day! 

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