Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Viscom II Flyer Reworks #3 

These reworks went a bit better than the first two. I decided that I would prefer to add some hand-drawn flair to my designs, so I gave it a try. I'd like to incorporate more hand created work into my design production because I believe it makes the design pop out more, especially in a sea of highly computer processed design. In this case, I didn't do so hot, but it was only my first try at i
ncorporating hand-drawn graphics or effects. The "Das Bier" flyer concept started off strong, but I believe the style of hand-drawn element in the background of the text is too textured and makes it hard to read, which I didn't intend to happen. The text is also kinda wonky because I resized it and re-spaced each sentence to make the shape of a pint glass, but this decreased readability as well. My "Make It In Clay" poster is a bit more successful in that the hand-made graphic is much neater and presentable. I used a 5 column grid in this layout, which helped, but I still feel like I could have made the text smaller and oriented it better throughout the page. I still have a lot of work to do to pull together good design in the little time we have, and also develop my own personal style in my work. 

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