Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tuesday June 1st

Hours: 10-5

Today was a jam packed day in the morning into mid afternoon. I walked in to find there was a "Monday morning meeting" going on since no one came in on Monday since it was Memorial Day. I got the chance to learn more about the projects going on and the different companies TEA works with. It was also interesting to learn more of the lingo they use. I'm slowly creeping into the elite world of advertising.

Then, after the meeting, I was rushed into putting together all my little Leahy dudes to present to Bill, the president, in just under two hours time. Then, unexpectedly, I was prompted to create another Leahy dude that someone had sketched up during the meeting. It was a pretty sweet little orange dude with shades. So it took me two tries and all of those two hours to complete him. At 1:00, me and Stacie, the other intern, went in to the conference room to present our ideas and Leahy dude mascots to Bill before he had to leave for a meeting with Leahy. Everything seemed to go over really well and he made photocopies of each of the 7 dudes and left for the meeting.

After that rush, things slowed down a bit. I had to key stroke some copy for a Rhode Island senator campaign and then spent the rest of the day messing around with photoshop and a website called Worth 1,000, which David my supervisor says will really help me out with my photoshop skills.

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