Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wednesday June 23rd

Hours: 10-4

Since the website design was finished, I worked on A Little Dab of Paint all day. I worked pretty diligently, possibly past the necessary point for presentation to the client. But I have been messing around with the layout to see what works best. I've also been altering the illustrations in Photoshop to put a canvas-like texture on each page over each illustration to give it a more authentic feel and some more visual interest. I will comment on one particular page that has been like a mensa puzzle for me. Trying to fit the copy into the illustrated page has been quite the challenge. The way the illustration was drawn made for awkward white space to place the text, which I struggled with for a solid hour before finally realizing that Photoshop would cure this ailment. I popped it into PS and moved a few elements of the illustration so to open up plenty of negative space to place the text. Muahaha. Stingy illustrations-0, Dani-1.

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