Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday, June 16th

Hours: 10-4

Today I designed a total of 8 more developed logos for Hometown America's reward program. This was definitely only my first round though. I was critiqued on them and sent back to the drawing board to come out with only 5 for the second round. I haven't been critiqued on those yet, but will most likely tomorrow.

I also worked on A Little Dab of Paint some more today and got some solid progress taken care of. I added in the graphics I made in Illustrator into the copy for emphasis on each of the colors mentioned. I also worked on the text layout some more. It's still got a ways to go, but progress is being made pretty fast.

It was also a fun, yet sad day. I found out Stefan, the vice-president and the person who got me this internship, is leaving the company to move to Arizona. He got a really good job offer and decided to take the opportunity. We had a going-away party for him and it was a really fun chance to get to know the people I work with. It's also a bummer because besides Bill, the president, I won't have anyone else to talk soccer with. I wish Stefan the best in his new job.

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