Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday June 17th

Hours: 10-5:30

Busy, busy, busy. I got in this morning to find it abnormally quiet. It's been a month and a week that I've been here and I know what this silence means. Deadlines. So I sat and worked on my top three projects that needed to be finished today/in the near future and waited patiently for my supervisor to tell me what's on the agenda. I had forgotten there was a meeting with a client about a logo that needed some tweaking and I was prepared to help out in any way I could. Turns out I had more work to do than I thought. I had to do the logo color corrections on my own and then present them to the client...on my own. This was one of those situations that I was thrown into, but turned out being fun. I then had to take the clients wishes and work the logo until it fit what he wanted. I spent the majority of my day working on over 30 color variations of this Decisioning Systems logo, which was really good knit-picky color experience. I learned I should probably keep it simple because now the client may want 30 more variations in one specific logo.

Other than the excitement of being thrown another live project and presenting it face to face with the client, I worked on A Little Dab of Paint more and also the Hometown America rewards program logo. Overall, it was a really busy, challenging but really rewarding week.

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