Friday, June 4, 2010

Thursday June 3rd

Hours: 10-5

The word of the day is Photoshop. I have two new ongoing assignments in which I have to organize and retouch a photo shoot of around 300 pictures, which I spent most of the day starting. I also have to organize the company istock photos into a folder for reuse. But today, I had to figure out how to organize hundreds of pictures into one folder after converting each one from RAW format to JPEG format. Since they were in RAW format, I took the liberty to start messing with levels and contrast and exposure, etc. in the Photoshop RAW window. The photos were really good to begin with, but I added a bit of extra flair to them before even starting to retouch them. It took a really long time just doing those few things, but I'm sure I'll figure out how to speed things up in the future after having had so much experience simply organizing them in only one day.

I also learned how to bind what is called a Deck. A Deck is basically a portfolio of any given work the company puts together specifically to present to clients. I created the cover of the deck, then was showed how to bind it all together. It was an interesting process, which I'm almost positive will be my job from now on. When it was finished, I also got to present it to Bill, who then gave me a mini lesson on the way presentations to potential clients work, which was very interesting and enlightening.

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