Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday, June 15th

Hours: 10-4:30

More good and unexpected news today. The website designs that I made a while back for a company called DepoConnection were viewed by the company along with some designs of my supervisor and another associate/seasoned vet. Turns out they liked one of mine and chose my design for their new site. I now have to design each page for their new site, which is really exciting. I had no idea that my designs were even being presented so it came as a shock to hear I had another live project that will be seen and used by the company and their clients. I feel sorta important!

Other than that, I got down to business with the layout and some graphics for the children's book, A Little Dab of Paint. That took up the majority of my day. I was also assigned my first logo turn-around. It should be a fun challenge to test my logo skills since it's something I haven't been very strong at in the past.

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