Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This layout has always been a favorite of mine. I think mostly because I had no idea I could come up with simple, yet elegant layouts that are still visually interesting. I know I'm kind of putting myself down, but I have come a long way from this point. During the time I was making this, I was pretty much using a "wing-it" sort of attitude, just messing around with the tools and hoping something nice would come of it. Low and behold, I actually learned a lot about the software while increasing my designing skills. But I digress. This piece started off pretty nice, but I did make a few changes over the semester to spice it up a bit more. During the critique, I was told that the Pablo Picasso quote was placed really weirdly, so I reworked that so it fits the balance of the layout more efficiently. I also added my signature splatters in the background to make the dancers look like they're moving their feet and kicking up dust and mud in the process, so to emphasize and exaggerate the movement. Otherwise, I left the piece alone because I like the simple typography I used initially, and the image is very simple yet interesting as well. Maybe I could have pulled more call-out info from the text so people would know the main information form farther away. Either way, I believe the use of typography along with the image is strong enough to draw people in to read the text. This design took me about three hours to make, including Photoshop effects, which was also exciting because I think this was my first design using a COB, and then adding in the details, such as text body placement, splatters, etc.

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