Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My SofI mailer is one of my favorite projects we've done in class. It is also one of my best final products. I had the least amount of file and printing issues on this project compared to any other. Maybe I just learned my lesson throughout the beginning of the semester and finally did it right. I also really like how this project turned out because I finally ordered some good paper, which made the final printout like butter. I was also proud of myself for going over the production files with a fine tipped comb and nailed all of the specs. The one mailing side had to have two colors, one black and one a spot color. I learned a lot about swatches and spot colors in this project, specifically how to mix spot colors, which increased my confidence in production overall.
I also liked this project for the artist I chose. Bennacker's work is really visually interesting. The poster image I worked with made the production of the opposite side both more challenging, but also more fun. I played with different concepts relating to the ocean and used some cool vector waves to make the connection. This design took me a whopping five hours to put together. Overall, I believe this project reflects my progress with print media over the course of the semester, though I still learned a great deal from it. And the best part about it is that it was fun to make!

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