Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I chose to include this magazine layout in my portfolio because it shows my proficiency with both shooting my own photos, and improvement in my typesetting skills. There was enough text to make a two column grid, but my focus in this layout was definitely the photos. I chose to fit the text in one column, which increased the air in the layout. I also did a better job eliminating widows and orphans (especially orphans). Taking the photos was a really fun process. I actually got a chance to submerge myself in the topic of the article and take a walk in Thousand Hills for an afternoon. It was a really gorgeous afternoon, too. I wanted to capture both the color and the sun to make the photos more majestic and sublime. Really exaggerating nature made the photos way more interesting rather than if I had just trudged around the woods all afternoon to strictly photograph trees and leaves. The article is almost secondary in this spread, which is what I intended to do. To get people interested in going outside to see this for themselves is the whole point of the article, and without the photos, I believe it wouldn't work at all. This layout took about four hours, not including my photo shoot, which was about an hour of hiking in the woods. This project was fun because I really enjoy the outdoors and I believe this layout captures my interest.

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