Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Joe 6 Pack was definitely my favorite project. It took me until the last week before it was due to come up with the concept and it was a mad dash to the deadline, but it was definitely a really fun process. Having a good concept and a plan always helps the situation, and before I came up with the concept, things were looking grim. It was during the process of putting this project together that I found out I actually work better under pressure. This is a great discovery, not only for class work, but for my future in this industry. I've always done my best school work (papers, studying, etc.) at the last minute and it's cool to find out I can be the same way with my design work.
There are a couple things I tried to change in this project, but had no luck. The wood backgr
ound that's supposed to be a wood desk is a bit too grainy for my liking, but was the only image I could find that had the best resolution. I do think the extra grain brings some fun visual texture to the design, though. And the logo I created for the What The Sam Hill Brewery was also really fun to make. It is in fact a picture of my crumb-crunching sister when she was five. I guess I'll be fun and attach the pic I took her face from in this post. It wouldn't be fair of me to embarrass my sister without embarrassing myself also. Ahh, good ol' times.
Anyway, the concept was what the entire visual theme was based upon. It came to me when I was looking for fonts online. There was a font referencing a draft and it just clicked in my head. As an aspiring designer, the concept is near and dear to my heart also. You can't have a great draft without a good rough draft. Oh poo. I should have made that the tag line. I should really start blogging about my stuff before I make it cause I always think of cool things after the fact. But I really took the time to make the images have good resolution, to make sure the typography was effective and appealing, and that all my files and the resolution was perfect. It took me about seven hours to put this together, which is significantly more time than the rest of my work. I really enjoyed putting together 3D stuff more than the 2D for some reason. Maybe it's exciting cause it's new, and cause I could relate to the topic well. Whatever it was, I think I was successful and I had fun in the process, which is what I'm working towards in the future.

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