Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I really enjoyed working on this particular project. I think it's because I could relate to the topic better than some of the other projects we had previously. The movement and the angles that are created with this image were very fun to work with and play off of. The header font works well in relation to the image and is large enough for someone from far away to see. I organized the basic information in a simple flush-left orientation, which makes it easy for the viewer to get the info from. I again used the splatters, only this time I was able to make them in color, which was fun. Working with more than just black and white was actually really refreshing in this project. I was getting bored of one color layouts. I only made very minor and very few changes to this piece over the semester, which included changing the font and orientation of the informational text, making the color a spot color, and working with the placement and size of the "Dance Fusion 2008" under the image. This design took me two hours initially to make and then around an extra half hour on the other smaller changes.

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