Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The main reason I chose this poster rework to be included in my portfolio is because it used a hand-drawn graphic really well. It is different from the initial layout I presented in class. I reworked it to meet the critiques given by both you and the class. I believe this version is a lot more successful because people who are standing far away from the poster are able to see the main image/text and are drawn in to read more about the class. I again use my signature splatter spots in this design to drive home the clay-like idea as best I can with only one color. I think it gives the design more visual interest and adds to the logo. I also believe the balance is much better in this design that in the initial one. Because the text looks so heavy from farther away, the large image now balances it out asymmetrically. I believe this adds to the playfulness of the poster without subtracting from its formal mood. This design took me around three hours of solid work time to put together. It was a good learning experience working with the scanner to make a work come together. This was also a good example of me toning down the clutter within a composition, which I was having trouble with around the time it was initially made.

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