Thursday, December 3, 2009

Final Red Barn (Warning: The Contents of this Post are Very Negative)

I really can't say I'm too happy with how the final turned out. I should have stopped adding to some pieces a while ago, and focused on adding to other pieces. The tractor theme is more coherent throughout the project, but I'm not satisfied with the structure as it relates to the images of the tractors throughout the four pieces. I should have used the same tractor, or used a logo to connect the four pieces better. I also had difficulty fixing the resolution problems with the poster tractor pic. I think it turned out ok, but maybe it could have been better. And I should have kept it simple and not added the same tractor pic from the poster to the background of the inside of the brochure. It made it way too busy and it clashes with the pictures. I also had printing difficulties. The lab monitors printed on the wrong side of the paper, which looked ok to me at first, but then I got into different lighting and saw that it made the image grainy and dull.
All in all, I had many issues with this project. I think I haven't said anything positive about it because I had the most trouble relating to it. I really tried, maybe a bit too hard. But whatever didn't click made this one really difficult for me to put together. But I did learn plenty about designing something I can't relate to. And this project also confirmed the fact that everything always looks better on the computer than on paper, even if the print monitor doesn't print on the wrong side.

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