Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I am really happy with how this layout turned out. It was definitely nowhere near this when I turned it in. But I reworked it and I believe that it is a great example of an assortment of media put together into one design. I scanned in the little rock climbing dude in the initial layout, which was a good experience working with the scanner, then working with a scanned image in Illustrator. I cleaned it up there and attached it to the text. In the rework, I changed the font from a fancier serif font to a more rugged distressed font to give it more appeal to the sport of rock climbing. I then added the mountain, which I fancied up in Photoshop. Something was still a bit off, so I utilized the old diagonal text/header trick. I had never used this trick before this layout, and I won't use it as a crutch in the future, but I believe it really works for this particular layout. I could have had more fun with it if it wasn't only a one color layout, but I think I did it some justice as-is. This layout took me four hours of work time to assemble. It was definitely not too fun when I started working on it, but I made it fun and actually witnessed myself taking on new designing skills, both within the software, and even adding new elements and principals into my design vocabulary/repertoire.

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