Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Part #6 Midterm Portfolio

I chose this magazine layout because I believe it showcases my ability to work with a simple photo and plain text to create an interesting design. I was definitely going for simple streamlined elegance in this layout. I think I could have developed the concept a bit more with this one, but I really wanted to use this photo for its appeal and the fact the food looks healthy, which connects to the article text. I utilized balance between the photo and the text and made the title appear in the blank space where the photo ends for visual interest. I used a six column grid, o.25" margins, a 0.125" bleed (full), and CMYK color. I really learned how to balance out a magazine layout in a completely different way than I was previously used to, which definitely helped expand my repertoire of skills. This layout took around four hours total to create.

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