Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Part #2 Midterm Portfolio

The original layout was a fun one for me personally because I tried to oversimplify. I did this because all of my previous designs were way too cluttered and not very visually stimulating. I wanted to stress the negative space in a way that it would be inviting to the viewer and give air to the bulk of the design. In the rework, I made the font resemble the concept of what the poster was advertising. I also added the mountain graphic, which I created in PS, and made the headline and text slant diagonally. The little climbing man is probably still too small, but I wanted to keep him that way, as almost a part of the header font, because the mountain graphic is the main image besides the headline. I used an 8 column grid initially, but I disregarded it after I started working with the orientation of the header and text. I used a 0.25" margin, no bleed, and black and white only. This layout took me around 4 hours to put together and challenged my design decision making.

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