Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Part #1 Midterm Portfolio

I chose this design because of my use of typography. I was trying to simplify my style a bit more than in previous poster redo's because I tend to clutter layouts with large text and oddly placed images. I wanted to show that I'm capable of keeping things simple while maintaining visual interest and I chose to make the image interact with the headline. I think the way I did this is successful and leaves a lot of negative space. For more visual interest and to draw your eye into the layout even more, I added some splatters to reference sweat and motion of the dancers for more appeal. I think I could have utilized a callout from the text, but I did want to keep the quote to create a mood for the event. The parallel lines created by the dancers and the header create an interesting, asymmetrical balance I've never utilized in my designs before. I used a four column grid, 0.5" margins, no bleed and black and white (no color). This layout took a total of 3.5 hours to put together due to design decision making, which I learned definitely takes more time than I thought it would, especially for a more simple design.

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