Sunday, October 18, 2009

Final Professional Pic Article

My main goal for this rev was to make it feel like an article rather than an ad. I think I accomplished that, though it's still lacking in the color department and totally forgot to address the issue pertaining to the mood of each photo and how they clash. I hate it when I remember what things I was going to do when I'm writing it out the blog post. Go figure. I do like where I'm going with the header, but now that I'm looking at it, the "prevent child abuse America" on the lower half of the opposite page is competing with the header. I really can't explain why I couldn't wrap my head around this one. I think my choice in photo really inhibited my thought process with magazine article spreads. I could get it out of my head that I needed to use color despite the fact it's black and white. It was a challenge I wasn't able to overcome and now I know I need to work on it in the future. Even though this layout looks like it's nowhere near done, it took me around two and a half hours to fix up to this point. Sigh.

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