Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Part #5 Midterm Portfolio

I chose this magazine layout because I utilized some design techniques that I've never worked with before and I believe it turned out well taking that into consideration. I like the use of color and the particular fonts I used. I'm not completely fond of the picture I used, but it is comical, attention grabbing and relates to the text. The text body was harder to work with, but I believe it is readable and works cohesively with the rest of the layout. The one thing I think I could have changed is the fact there is no negative space for the reader to "breathe." The balance is definitely asymmetrical with the photo on the far left. I used an 8 column grid, CMYK color, 0.25"margins and a 0.125" bleed (full). This layout took about 3 hours total to put together. It was definitely a learning experience cause it was one of the first magazine layouts we did and challenged my design decision making skills.

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