Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Part #4 Midterm Portfolio

I had a lot of fun with this poster design. Dancing is something I enjoy and since it involves motion and athleticism, I feel like it's a subject I can design for a lot easier than other subjects. I found a great photograph and used a filter in PS to make it more dramatic and graphic looking. The photo is the main draw of the poster so the rest of the informational text I made much smaller. The headline interacts with the photo and is also on a diagonal to create more visual interest. I believe there is enough negative space to keep the design from getting too cluttered and is balanced out asymmetrically with plenty of motion to keep your eye traveling across the layout. I used a five column grid, two colors (black and a PMS magenta-y color), 0.25" margins, and no bleed. This took me around 2 hours to complete and was definitely one of my favorites overall because I messed around long enough in PS to learn how to make graphics exactly the way I want.

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