Friday, March 27, 2009

Jeep Poster Thumbnails

This is the thumbnail comp that my "client" has chosen. She liked this comp the best for its simplicity, the balance the image and the text create, and its overall effectiveness at sending the message to the viewer. She said this comp stands out the most for her because she can recognize that the car being shown is a Jeep and it connects to the headline and the purpose of the poster well compared to the other comps, which sometimes don't show enough of the Jeep for it to be completely recognizable (ie the distinctive hub caps, grill and lights that most Jeeps sport), but also because it is asymmetrical so is more interesting than the comps with the full Jeep centered on the layout. The text is also successful because it is a flush left, so reading and comprehending the text will be easier for the viewers. 
Overall, this process took a lot more steps than I first thought necessary. Creating the thumbnails and their various layout styles was what took the longest and was most draining. I wanted to create 10 good layouts so there would be less work later on. My main goal for this layout was to orient the car and the textual information in a simple, straight forward manner so the basic details of the event can be easily understood. During the "meeting" with my "client", I was critiqued on various elements on her top three layout choices. She gave good insight to her personal taste and made me understand why the comp she chose fit her specific "needs." It gave me a good idea of what a meeting in the real world could be like. I think it wouldn't be as laid back and a bit more unforgiving and cutthroat, but that is understandable because things are much more fast paced and competitive in the real world of design.  

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