Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The movie we watched today was really interesting because I never really noticed how much Helvetica is used in advertisement. It made me appreciate the font more because of its straight-forward simplicity and ability to catch my eye. As a consumer, this movie made me realize how successful this font is at selling me various products and ideas. As a designer, I will try to simplify my designs incorporating text from now on. I will most likely use Helvetica more as a result, but the basic idea of simplification this movie portrayed inspired me to clean up my design work and be as straight-forward as possible when trying to communicate an idea. 
As far as the relationship this particular font has with our current generation, I believe it speaks a lot about how modern humans respond to various stimuli. People are very simple minded, even though we personally do not like to admit it. I believe we can all appreciate an intricate design, but will almost always have a stronger response to something simple and easy to understand. With all the distractions and busy imagery we are forced to deal with on a daily basis, I believe we seek something more calm and easy on the eyes. Even in social interaction. There is so much confusion in communication that it is no wonder we respond better to the simple, clean cut, straight-forward message of a good design, more often using the font, Helvetica. 

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