Friday, March 20, 2009

Chili Cook Off Poster Critique

My favorite design is the one labeled "Vladimir Script" with the big chili pot. This design is the most eye catching to me personally because of its large header and simple, large image. When I think of food, I like to keep it simple and focus on the particular food being described, which is why I believe this is the most successful design. 
The balance of the image and text uses asymmetry successfully. The informational text does seem a bit crammed in the corner so consider rearranging it to fit a bit better. The image you chose looks like it requires a bleed so you may need to rethink its orientation on the page. Since the image must be an original graphic, are you going to make it look more realistic or more cartoon-like? Just another thing to consider. Otherwise, this poster is has very clean lines, simple but appealing imagery and conveys the message really well. 

1 comment:

  1. I also wanted to keep the layout asymmetrically elementary. My main objective was to present the chili as the primary focus of the design with the text being used just to compliment the pot like a label used for a can. I couldn't figure out how to fit the necessary text within the space i allotted without it looking crammed , so Ill have to refigure the composition of the "Chili Cook-Off" in comparison to the piece as a whole. And of course the bleed problem will have to be corrected with a possible new location or view point of the pot. I want the image of the pot to be like a realistic cartoon..?? Kinda hard to explain as of right now...