Monday, March 23, 2009


Copyfitting is definitely a lot more difficult that I first expected. I was ready to dive right in and draw the fonts without doing any sort of copyfitting before hand. I proceeded to stare at my marker comp for a while before I figured out that copyfitting is very necessary to make the poster compatible for designing on the computer programs. The largest issue I had was due to the fact I was working with Microsoft Word. I was not able to visualize the many different spacing options I have available to me on InDesign. Because of this, I'm almost positive the text block in my marker comp will be different from that of my final layout. There are still many spacing issues with my marker comp because I typed out the text in Word to get a better idea of what the text block would look like on a computer. The text block has large spaces in some areas, which are not very visually appealing. I hope I will be able to address these issues when translating this design into the final on InDesign. 

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