Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday July 14th

Hours: 10-4:30

I finally completed the mock-up of what should be the basic final version of Little Dab of Paint!!! So exciting. After it was printed out, I cut out all 32 pages, created the "spine" with 16 pages of tissue paper, spray mounted each individual page to the "spine" creating spreads by sticking pages back to back, and cut it all down to give it a nice clean, presentable appearance. I then delivered it to the client, which I guess I should mention that the client is Rhona Frizan (I think that's how her name is spelled), the president of the Chicago Public Library Foundation. She seemed very happy about the changes I made to the layout. And I definitely agree with her. The extra paint splatters and all the graphics made the layout cluttered and busy, while the streamlined version presents the illustrations as the main focal point, which they rightfully should be. I'm hoping the author, illustrator and Rhona will be pleased enough not to make many more changes so I can start finalizing and perfecting the layout for print. Exciting!!

I also worked on a take-home menu with a rip-off business card for the Pittsfield Cafe (the cafe I believe I talked about in the last blog entry). I didn't get very far on that since there was a lot to be done for the Little Dab of Paint today, and because it was hard to visualize a layout without having the copy to work with. I guess that's a designing intuition I'll have to develop further.

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