Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday July 8th

Hours: 10-5

After today, I can honestly say I'm the most organized person on earth. That or I really do have OCD. I started off my day downloading and organizing the Little Dab of Paint folder and made all the corrections (reductions) that the client ordered. I then scanned a couple of the newly received original illustrations so I could start placing them into the document. After all that organization, I began fixing and organizing all the iStock photos that I pulled off the server yesterday. When I was done, I had to peel my eyes off the computer screen and was seeing illusions of picture thumbnails dancing around my head for the following hour. But overall, today was a super productive day. It should make my work a lot easier next Monday when I go in early to knock this Little Dab of Paint in the pants once and for all.

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