Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday July 1st

Hours: 10-5

I got so much work done on Little Dab of Paint today and focused so hard that my behind went numb. Or maybe it was because I was sitting all day. Either way, I totally owned that layout. It was really hard to motivate myself for a while just because I knew whatever I produced this week would probably look nothing like it will next week after the second client approval and when we're able to work with the actual illustrations. But I finished photoshopping all the scanned illustration images, creating the splatters of paint for use with the illustrations and for under the page numbers, formatted the text and the word graphics, found and placed the wood texture for the illustration backgrounds and added them all into the InDesign layout. I then waited 10 minutes for InDesign to generate a pdf of all those 30 pages. I felt a whole lot lighter after I was finished. But even after all of that, I still can't even see the light at the end of the tunnel. So yes, there is more Little Dab of Paint to go...lots more. Maybe I'll start telling crazy stories just to make these blogs less predictable.

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