Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday July 22nd

Hours: 10-5

Worked on the Pittsfield Cafe menu things again today. I made some decent progress, but not enough so I'm going in on Monday. I also made some phone calls to clients regarding some mock-ups that I'm waiting for a critique on, including the manager from Pittsfield. I have to pick up that material from the cafe on Monday and finish up working on the menus, and I have a meeting with the Little Dab of Paint client on Wednesday.

Some bad news... I've come to realize that my current financial status will not permit me to commute into the city after next week and I still have four very large live projects I'm working on. While I want to continue working on them to see them through, and to earn more experience, I may have to end the internship a week early. Unless I can improve my status. Guess I'll figure something out. Or just work like a fiend next week and finish everything... to be continued...

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