Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend? What's that?

Twas a busy weekend. I just got back from a 3 hour soccer practice in Pershing and am thoroughly contused. I'm not really sure who's knee I ran into, but my knee lost the battle. And playing on hardwood floors for an hour and a half doesn't help. But I'm a huge fan of being beat up after a good practice. It means I actually got something out of it. 
But anyway, I spent both Saturday (yesterday) and today in OP working on my Jeep in Adobe Illustrator. I've got a long way to go in Illustrator, but I finished the Jeep today and felt so accomplished! Not only because I finished, but also cause it actually looks like a Jeep! Wooooo! Simple pleasures. Things are starting to come together in Illustrator for me, but I'm struggling in InDesign. Thanks Microsoft Word..........Not! 
Printmaking is going well enough and the recent lecture in design connecting it to printmaking is making me consider minoring in it. It's been really cool learning about all the processes involved in making prints...sorry, "proofs," as Pro. Jereb calls em. All the frustration that comes with not being proficient in computer aided design makes me appreciate studio art that much more. And the concept of making copies of my work is a cool, different idea I've never thought too much about till now. And I really like drawing stuff, even though Jim says I need to improve. I can't argue, but making a drawing on a nickel plate in an hour doesn't really do me much justice. So Jim, if you have an extra hour to add on to the day, it would help a lot. 
Ceramics, well, I'm making stuff with clay. Yep.
Contemporary art is going well enough. Cool concepts and cool art. So cool, I'm going to make connections with these cool concepts and art in my 4-6 page World Lit paper. And then I'm gonna take the cool works and concepts from World Lit and reference them in my 8-10 page Contemporary art paper. Woo liberal arts!

World Lit stuff I've been reading from Norton's Anthology of World Literature Vol. F...

Pirandello: The Six Characters (play)
Proust: Swann's Way Overture (from Remembrance of Things Past)

So far, I'm a fan... 

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