Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mural: "Wall of Fame"

My idea for the Ryle Hall mural is a "Wall of Fame" and it includes all famous people either born in Missouri or that have lived and worked in Missouri in the past. Since the new cafeteria resembles Panera, I wanted the mural to look like the warm line drawings that are commonly found on the walls there. I believe my topic is visually and intellectually interesting, while still maintaining the cheesy ideas of community and the world. If mine gets chosen, I will touch it up to perfection, make the background better, and include all the names of the individuals and where they lived or worked in MO next to their image. Also, if mine gets chosen, I will research a large format printing company that could print the mural out and have it pasted onto the wall easily instead of having people paint it on by hand.

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